The course named “Advanced methods in macromolecular crystallization“ is intended for undergraduate (5th year) and postgraduate students and postdocs with an interest in macromolecular crystallization. The number of participant is limited to 35.

The crystallization of biological macromolecules is still poorly understood and, as a consequence, success of the common trial-and-error experiments is not predictable. On the other hand, more rational approaches have been developed in the past few years and prospects for the science of crystallogenesis are in fact good. Many of the new approaches are based on an improved theoretical insight into the processes of nucleation and crystal growth. 

The course is designed to bring over the message of the benefits of more rational approaches to macromolecular crystallization. The course will consist of theoretical lectures, seminars as well as practical work and demonstrations (lectures 40%, practical work 50%, seminars 10%). For crystallization experiments, typical recipes using commercial proteins will be used. In addition, students can bring their own proteins and carry out crystallization trials on these during the course.

A poster section is planned in order to encourage participants to present their own work.
Organizers: Profs Ivana Kuta Smatanova, Pavlina Rezacova & Juan-Manuel Garcia-Ruiz
Application deadline: March 31, 2018